Friday, January 27, 2023

PM says he will push for 10 paid sick days for all workers

Justin Trudeau says no worker in Canada should have to choose between taking a sick day or getting a pay cheque.

In his daily briefing Monday (May 25), the Prime Minister says he will continue to discuss with the provinces and territories providing 10 paid sick leave days a year for every worker in Canada.

Trudeau says the issue was brought up by B.C. Premier John Horgan a few weeks ago on a First Minister’s call. Horgan said that when flu season begins in the fall it would be important for people who feel ill to be able to take time to go get tested and stay home instead of feeling the pressure to go to work when they are sick.

Trudeau says a number of Premiers agree and the discussion will continue, however he says the mechanism to deliver it is “not obvious”.

The 10 paid sick leave days is a key demand of the federal New Democrats in order to guarantee support from the party to limit sittings in the House of Commons.

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