A friend of David and Collet Stephan was the first to take the stand in the couple’s re-trial.

Terrie Shaw testified that in 2012, she was working as a registered nurse at the Cardston Hospital and also as a registered midwife. She was Collet’s midwife during her third pregnancy in 2012.

On March 12 that year, Collet asked Shaw to examine her toddler son, Ezekial, at their home expressing some concern after he had been sick with a harsh cough for more than a week. Shaw says the boy’s heart and lungs sounded normal, he appeared calm and was able to breathe without struggling… he didn’t have a fever or any other alarming symptoms that he was in medical distress.

Some of his symptoms did make Shaw think he might be suffering from meningitis, but suggested that Collet take him to a doctor for a second opinion.

Collet texted Shaw later that same day saying the toddler seemed to be doing better after giving him an electrolyte drink and the two discussed herbs and forms of alternative therapy. But the next night, Collet called Shaw saying Ezekial was struggling to breathe and he was being taken to the Cardston hospital.

David spoke with media outside the Lethbridge courthouse prior to the re-trial starting. He admitted they are both nervous. “Well you know, self-representing litigants and my wife being turned down to having access to a lawyer, we’re definitely feeling unprepared and it’s a little bit hard moving into this, but I think we are all going to be surprised as to what comes out throughout this case.”

The Crown will call more witnesses Tuesday (June 4) as the month-long re-trial continues in Lethbridge Court of Queen’s Bench.