Friday, October 22, 2021
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Trudeau discussing police body-cams; travel exemptions for family members

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The federal government will soon allow some immediate family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to come to Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday (June 8) the new limited exemption will keep in place strict quarantine rules to ensure no cases are imported as a result.

He says those who don’t follow the quarantine rules would face serious penalties.

Trudeau also commented on his presence at the anti-racism protests in Ottawa last Friday saying he went to show his support and listen to what community leaders and black Canadians are calling for.

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He said, “I hear you, and I see you, as you call out systemic discrimination, racism, and unconscious bias. As you call for action and as you call for it now.”

Trudeau defended his actions saying it was important for him to be there and many efforts were made to wear masks and to continue social distancing.

Trudeau also saying Monday he spoke with Commissioner Brenda Lucki of the RCMP where he was assured the Commissioner will use all available tools to take quick and solid actions.

He discussed the adoption of body cameras as well for police, saying he is committing to raising this with the provinces this week so Canada can move forward as quickly as possible on implementations.

Trudeau says his government is addressing these systemic issues, mentioning an investment in mental health resources and youth programs for black Canadians.

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