Thursday, September 29, 2022

Lethbridge Police say investigation into Marshal Iwaasa disappearance ongoing

Lethbridge Police say plans are being finalized for an exhaustive search for Marshal Iwassa.

The 26 year old was last seen in Lethbridge visiting his family in November. He was supposed to go back to Calgary, however his burned out pick-up truck was found hundreds of kilometers away a week later on a remote logging road north of Squamish, BC.

Police say Iwaasa’s disappearance has been considered suspicious from the get-go, but to date there is “no credible evidence or compelling information to suggest foul play or this is criminal in nature”.

The investigation has determined that prior to his disappearance, Iwaasa had hidden the fact that he had stopped attending post-secondary classes. In examining Iwaasa’s personal affairs in the months leading up to his disappearance – including interviews with close friends as well as his financial, medical and social media activity – there is evidence to suggest he was experiencing stress in his life and had become withdrawn.

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Lethbridge Police say Iwaasa was last confirmed to be in Lethbridge on November 17, 2019 when he said he was leaving to go to his storage locker. The storage locker key and out logs corroborate his code was used to enter the facility and then approximately two hours later leave the compound. By the time LPS assumed carriage of the investigation CCTV footage was no longer available.

At this point, every tip and piece of information that’s been disclosed to Lethbridge Police and RCMP over the past seven months has been investigated.

All evidence collected so far is being retained for potential DNA testing. The evidence cannot be DNA tested by the RCMP crime lab unless officers have reasonable grounds to believe a DNA-designated criminal offence has been committed.

LPS say a major search of mountain terrain in BC near where Iwaasa’s truck was found is being finalized right now.

Since he went missing, there has been zero activity on Iwaasa’s personal affairs including finances, social media, and medical.

Police continue to ask anyone with information to come forward.

(With files from LPS)

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