Friday, March 31, 2023

Outdoor irrigation exhibit set to officially open at Galt Museum

The Galt Museum and Archives is officially opening its Outdoor Irrigation Exhibit this week.
The day has been years in the making as the project was part of the museum’s long-term outdoor exhibit master plan.
Kids and adults alike are able to explore and experiment with the functioning of watersheds, dams and irrigation systems.
The exhibit also features a hand pump that moves water from a tank below and into the mountains where it is caught by a reservoir dam.
It was installed almost two years ago with Galt staff using it to teach students about irrigation and water use in southern Alberta.
On Thursday it will open to the public.
Funding for the project was helped along in 2014 by Richardson Oilseed, who chose the Friends of the Galt to be the recipients of their golf tournaments fundraiser – a $19,000 contribution.
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