Sunday, October 1, 2023
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  • Born and raised in sunny LethVegas
  • Lover of all things summer and sun
  • Sports aficionado
  • Able to spell aficionado
  • Outdoorsy, as long as there’s room on the patio
  • Music nerd
  • Amateur chef (as long as you like breakfast)
  • Books. Beers. Battlestar Galactica. (Or you know, 2/3 of those)
  • No bad days (or, at the very least, no sick days)
  • Still getting used to this
  • Likes include– Heavy metal, baseball, math, bike rides, sunglasses, Mondays, creamy peanut butter, pull-ups, hats, lawn mowing, snazzy beer taps, sarcasm, just winging things.
  • Dislikes include– Mushroom soup, elevators, reheated lettuce, west side traffic circles, Boston based sports, doing dishes, the Grinch.


Lover of music and movies, sometimes I turn into Adam Sandler – I’ve accepted it at this point – I still watch Jersey Shore religiously and Grey’s Anatomy has been my longest relationship. Unlike Scott E, I strongly, STRONGLY dislike math and I LOVE the grinch! I’m originally from the East Coast, and yes sometimes I have an accent and no I’m not saying car.

Catch CJOC Mornings with Scott and Laura weekday mornings 6am-10am from the Challenger Building Supplies Studio and the Best of CJOC Mornings Saturdays from 7am-10am!

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