Saturday, December 2, 2023

City of Lethbridge offering parking incentives as enforcement returns

Parking enforcement returns to downtown Lethbridge as of Tuesday, Sept. 1.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, payments have still been accepted for parking but enforcement was limited to only focus on accessibility and safety.

That means many people got accustomed to parking for free.

However, Bylaw Enforcement Officer Dave Henley says business in downtown Lethbridge is starting to pick up so tickets will once again be issued after a two-week grace period.

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He says from Sept. 1-13, enforcement officers will place notices on windshields reminding customers to pay for parking.

Parking tickets will be formally issued starting Sept. 14.

There are some parking incentives in effect until the end of the year though with a 50 per cent reduction on the monthly Zone 10 price and monthly Park ‘n’ Ride Transit Terminal fee and a reduced minimum purchase amount on the app.

The City says it recognizes the impact of parking on economic recovery efforts and consulted with the Downtown BRZ to introduce these incentives.

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