The weather we are experiencing right now, may be just a taste of what’s to come for us this winter.

Online forecaster, has come out with it’s Winter 2020-21 Forecast for Canada.

It shows a building La Nina in the pacific is going to result in a colder, and snowier than normal winter here in the west, particularly in B.C. and Alberta.

Meteorologist Brett Anderson says he expects there will be two distinct storm tracks that will dominate much of the country this winter.

“This will deliver numerous storms into southern British Columbia this winter, which will result in copious amounts of rainfall along the coast with heavy snowfall for ski country in the Coastal Range and also throughout the Rockies of southeastern British Columbia and southwestern Alberta,” Anderson said.

Temperatures here in southern Alberta are also expected to be colder than usual this winter.

“In terms of temperatures, the core of the Arctic air is expected to hang out across northern B.C. and the Yukon Territory, but there certainly can be brief spells of bitter cold through the Prairies and into eastern Canada,” Anderson said.

Besides snowier conditions for BC and parts of the Alberta, Anderson says the rest of the Canadian prairies will see less snow than in a typical winter.

As for the rest of the rest of the county, eastern Canada is forecast to be snowy, but milder than normal for the months of December, January, and February.