Enjoy this abnormally warm start to November because things are expected to drastically change this coming weekend.

Temperatures across the region are pushing record high territory this week.

Environment Canada’s Blaine Lowry though says that will all abruptly change on Friday with what is shaping up to be a snowy and much colder weekend across parts of southern Alberta.

“There is definitely a shift coming from where we are to the weekend”, Blaine Lowry Meteorologist with Environment Canada

“Depending on which (weather) model you look at it could be as low at 5 to 10 cm over the course of the weekend or as much as 40 cm. That will vary depending on how close to the mountains you get. Definitely there is snow on the way,” stated Lowry on Monday.

Before that happens though, Lowry says we will see very windy and temperatures 10 to 13 degrees above normal for this time of year.

He says the weather pattern will change when a strong low pressure system moves in late in the week, resulting in plummeting temperatures which are likely to stay well below zero into next week across southern Alberta.