Less than two weeks after setting new records for cold in mid-October, southern Alberta is seeing record warm conditions in early November.

Several communities across the region were on the very warm end of temperatures on Monday, setting new record highs for November 2nd.

Among the communities which broke records include Milk River, Brooks, Bow Island, Claresholm, and Onefour.

Brooks was the hotspot in the south with the mercury topping out at 24.6°C.  That beat a record which has stood since 1981 by nearly a full degree.

Lethbridge was very warm too Monday, however the city was a degree and a half short of setting a new record.

Conditions this week are 10 to 15 degrees above normal when it comes to early November standards for southern Alberta.

The following are new record highs for November 2 in degrees Celsius:

Bow Island Area 
New record of 23.1 
Old record of 18.9 set in 1962 

Brooks Area 
New record of 24.6 
Old record of 23.5 set in 1981 

Calgary Area 
New record of 23.1 
Old record of 21.7 set in 1969 

Claresholm Area 
New record of 23.7 
Old record of 22.2 set in 1969

Milk River Area 
New record of 22.9 
Old record of 19.0 set in 1996 

Onefour Area 
New record of 22.6 
Old record of 22.0 set in 1981