Lethbridge’s often controversial, temporary face covering bylaw is being extended by another month.

The bylaw, which was put into effect back in August, aims to help in curbing theĀ  spread of COVID-19 and since then other Alberta communities have instituted similar bylaws.

However, some people believe wearing masks does more harm than good and infringes on their rights and freedoms. That’s resulted in anti-masking rallies in some places.

Although there is a fine attached to anyone not wearing a mask in an open public space, the City of Lethbridge has said it is focusing on education as opposed to enforcement.

In a 6-3 decision on Monday (Nov. 30), Councillors voted to extend the face covering bylaw to at least February 23rd. It was set to expire in early January.

Council also voted to hold a public hearing in February to gather pubic feedback on the bylaw.