COALDALE, AB – More than 2,300 signatures have been collected for a petition that’s calling for a municipal inspection in Coaldale.

The “Citizens for a Better Coaldale” says the group was organized out of concern about future taxation, town management, town council decision making, major capital projects, treatment of town employees, public communication and engagement.

The group says the Town of Coaldale denied a previous request from residents for an inspection, so now it’s resorting to a petition that will be sent to Alberta Municipal Affairs. It’s been signed by over 20% of the town’s population.

If granted, the inspection will investigate the affairs of the municipality, the conduct of councilors, employees or agents of the municipality, and the conduct of those who hold agreements with the municipality.

“Citizens for a Better Coaldale” hopes the mayor and councilors will realize that residents want more transparency, input, and accountability.