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Listen To Your Body: AHS launches new health campaign amid pandemic

EDMONTON, AB – There’s a new public campaign underway in Alberta to remind you to listen to your body and if something feels off, to book an appointment to see your family doctor.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alberta Health Services data has shown that people are not seeking care for serious health concerns.

The campaign is targeting symptoms that may be linked to a cancer diagnosis such as changes to a mole, blood in urine, a new or growing lump or unexplained weight loss or gain.

“Cancer diagnosis rates typically increase slightly each year in Alberta; however, our data shows us that well over 2000 cancers have gone undiagnosed since the COVID pandemic started last March, compared to data from the same period in 2019,” says Dr. Doug Stewart, physician and medical oncologist with AHS.  “This is very alarming. We are now seeing cases where Albertans did not seek medical attention for several months after they first noticed warning symptoms and their diagnosis is unfortunately more serious than it could have been if it was caught earlier.”

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When a select group of Albertans were asked why they may not seek medical attention for changes to their bodies, the most common responses were that they were afraid to contract COVID-19, and they didn’t want to take resources away from those were may need it more.

“Your family doctor is there for you and available to assist if you are experiencing health concerns such as new changes to your body,” says Dr. Linda Slocombe, Senior Medical Director, Primary Health Care, AHS. “Primary care offices are screening patients for COVID-19 prior to appointments and are taking the necessary safety precautions to protect patients and staff. They are safe places to seek care when needed. Please contact your doctor and do not delay if you have health concerns.”

(From AHS News Release)

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