LETHBRIDGE, AB – The Lethbridge Public Library is no longer charging late fees for overdue items.

The decision came into effect Monday, February 1st. For anyone who had existing overdue fees, those have now been forgiven.

Lethbridge Public Library CEO, Terra Plato says this move to be “fine free” is about focusing on recovering library materials versus charging monetary fines.

She notes they understand that fines provide a significant barrier to many, and eliminating them ensures that all residents are able to access the Library’s physical and virtual spaces equally. “Now, more than ever, as we work to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, our community needs access to its library.”

More than 300 public libraries across North America have either eliminated or reduced fines.

How will it work?

• Initial loan periods and renewal options will remain the same.
• After the item’s due date, a 28 day grace period will be applied.
• Items not returned by the end of the grace period will be identified as lost, and replacement fees
will be applied.
• The item(s) will need to be returned, or replacement fees paid, prior to borrowing additional

Please note: this change applies to Lethbridge Public Library cardholders only.