LETHBRIDGE, AB – A new piece of proposed legislation, if passed would allow irrigation districts across the province to borrow money for large-scale expansions.

Provincial Ag Minister, Devin Dreeshan says Bill 54 will help finalize the $815 million investment announced in Taber last summer to modernize irrigation.

“This legislation will pave the way for even more agriculture investments across the province, increasing our competitiveness and driving Alberta‚Äôs economic recovery,” says Dreeshan.

The proposed bill also makes small amendments to strengthen board governance by allowing irrigation districts the option to create bylaws to limit the number of consecutive terms a board member can serve.

The eight irrigation districts participating in the investment include: Bow River Irrigation District, Eastern Irrigation District, Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District, Raymond Irrigation District, St. Mary River Irrigation District, Taber Irrigation District, United Irrigation District and Western Irrigation District.

The province has more than 1.7 million irrigated acres, most of which are here in southern Alberta.