LETHBRIDGE, AB – More than a kilogram of meth has been taken off Lethbridge streets after a short-term investigation by local police.

The drug bust took place Tuesday when members of the Crime Suppression team and Priority Crimes Unit stopped a vehicle in Nanton and arrested a Lethbridge man.

A search of the vehicle turned up a kilo of meth – worth about $60,000.

A pair of BB-guns, which the suspect was prohibited from owning, was also located at his home.

Two other houses were also searched with one search leading to drug-related charges against a mother with two children in the home.

57 year old Douglas Parsons is facing drug trafficking and weapons charges.

A 26 year old woman, who won’t be named to protect the identity of her kids, has been charged with two counts of possession and one count under the Drug Endangered Children Act.

Drugs and weapons seizure by Lethbridge Police. Photo courtesy of the Lethbridge Police Service Crime Suppression Team.