LETHBRIDGE, AB – It’s been a while now since people have been able to submit papers to run in the upcoming civic election this fall, now Lethbridge has its first declared mayoral candidate.

Local lawyer and businessman, Stephen Mogdan is putting his name on the ballot this October, looking to succeed Chris Spearman who’s not running for re-election.

Mogdan says he’s committed to leading Lethbridge through the challenges ahead, both those related to the COVID-19 pandemic and those which aren’t.

Over the past two decades, Modgan has served on a number of non-profit boards and has been closely involved with the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce.

“The pandemic has devastated many small businesses and put many families in difficult positions. At the same time, the City has tighter budgets because of costs being passed down to us from the province. But Lethbridge is nothing, if not resilient. Our biggest challenge will be to support the relaunch of our businesses and protect our most vulnerable people, while managing a shrinking budget,” says Mogdan.

He also addressed the city’s social issues.

Mogdan says the opioid crisis that persists in Lethbridge is a tragedy that needs meaningful leadership and action. “We have to help all of our residents to be better and achieve more; that means not only addressing addictions and homelessness, but also ensuring our downtown is safe, vibrant and inviting.”

Mogdan feels he has a wealth of experience to draw on if he’s elected Mayor this fall, saying he plans to be open-minded over the next nine months, while listening to residents’ ideas.

Election Day is October 18th.