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Federal COVID-19 relief money flowing to Lethbridge for city projects

EDMONTON, AB – Lethbridge is receiving a good chunk of money from the federal government to build new infrastructure and fix up some city facilities.

The money is part of Ottawa’s Covid-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream which was put in place to support Canadians and communities during the current pandemic.

Funding is coming here for nine projects in the city.

Those include nearly $5.5 million dollars to improve broadband internet connectivity in the Sherring and Churchill Industrial Parks, $1.4 million for lighting retrofits at a number of City of Lethbridge facilities, and close to $1.3 million to replace the ice surface at Nicholas Sheran Arena.

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These local project are parts of 61 across the province to receive federal money.

In a news release Jim Carr, the federal government’s Special Representative for the Prairies, says the projects across Alberta will improve and modernize a large number of municipal, health, and recreation facilities making them more sustainable in the long run.

The federal dollars aim to also create jobs locally and help in the economic recovery as we move through the pandemic.

Lethbridge Projects Receiving Federal Money:

  • Broadband Fibre – Improve broadband connectivity for businesses and organizations in the Sherring and Churchill industrial parks ($5,464,545)
  • Lighting Retrofits at Multiple City Facilities – Upgrade the Light-emitting diode (LED) systems at multiple City-owned facilities, including swimming pools, ice arenas, multi-purpose recreation facilities, administrative facilities, emergency service facilities, cultural facilities, maintenance and public works facilities, and transit facilities ($1,480,000)
  • Nicholas Sheran Ice Centre Ice Pad Replacement – Replace the refrigerated ice pad, arena boards, surrounding concrete floor slab, and related equipment ($1,280,000)
  • Legacy Park Discovery Playground Construction – Acquire and install various pieces of playground equipment ($960,000)
  • Roof Replacement – Replace the roof of the Public Operations Building ($880,000)
  • Roof Replacements at Multiple City Buildings – Replace the roofs of several City-owned buildings such as the swimming pool, fire hall, and a soccer centre ($656,000)
  • Public Library North Wing Air Handling and Ductwork – Replace the rooftop air handling units at the main branch library ($640,000)
  • Fritz Sick Steam Boiler Replacement – Replace the steam boiler plant at the Fritz Sick Stream Center and install water heaters to improve overall efficiency ($432,000)
  • City Hall Cooling Tower Replacement – Replace City Hall’s cooling tower and install temporary cooling equipment to minimize any service interruption ($368,000)
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