There really is safety in numbers and that’s exactly what Lethbridge’s downtown Watch is providing with its latest initiative.

With a simple phone call, the SafeWalk program will provide escorted walks to and from any location within The Watch patrol zone, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Watch Manager Jeff Hansen says this is something they had planned to do right from the get-go. “Starting today, the local community can access a dedicated line with is 403-715-WALK (9255). People con contact that number if they feel they need to be walked to a vehicle or another residence within the downtown Watch zone.”

SafeWalk is part of the city’s new downtown Watch program which hit city streets a few months ago. It’s all aimed at making people more safe when visiting or working in the downtown core.

Hansen says The Watch has actually been performing informal SafeWalks since the program got underway and he expects this will actually be a heavily-used service. “I mean if we’ve done over 20 unofficial SafeWalks already, I’m guaranteeing we will probably see 4o to 50 calls a month.”

Hansen notes they knew they were going to add this new initiative once the Watch program had somewhat established itself after a few weeks.