LETHBRIDGE, AB – The Lethbridge School Division is the latest district to publicly state its refusal to pilot the province’s new K to 6 curriculum.

The division says board of trustees and administration have reviewed the content and concluded the draft curriculum does not support quality learning that will develop innovative thinkers or responsible citizens with inclusive mindsets.

Board Chair Christine Light says the draft curriculum has an abundance of content that is not age-appropriate, fails to adequately address diversity, fails to further contemporary learning competencies and lacks coherence and integration of ideas.

She says “we are committed to continuing to work with Alberta Education in whatever capacity we can to bring about change to the current draft document, as we believe it is not currently in a form we can support or pilot.”

The Lethbridge School Division is calling for the government to pause the pilot process, reflect on resounding feedback expressed province-wide, and work with teachers to bring forward a suitable draft curriculum.

A full statement from the district can be found on its website.

The Holy Spirit Catholic School Division tells our newsroom it hasn’t yet made a decision on the matter but will be discussing it next week.