Friday, June 2, 2023
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Sheldon Day Chief in the running to become the next Mayor of Lethbridge

LETHBRIDGE, AB – Former Blood Tribe Councillor, Sheldon Day Chief, is hoping to become the next Mayor of Lethbridge.

He says it’s time to bring the entire community together to address some of the challenges we’re facing like homelessness, rising crime rates and the drug crisis.

And, Day Chief says that has to start with the voter.

He’s encouraging residents to “truly listen” to the candidates running this fall and to consider those who have a real plan moving forward.

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Day Chief has lived in Lethbridge for more than 30 years after growing up on the Blood Reserve.

He also has family ties to one of the founders of the community, noting his great-grandmother was married to Nicholas Sheran.

Day Chief is one of four people so far who have officially filed nomination papers to run for mayor.

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