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Five clients of Lethbridge’s rapid flow vaccine clinic only got saline diluent, not vaccine: AHS

LETHBRIDGE, AB – Ten people, who were recently immunized for COVID-19 over at Lethbridge Exhibition Park, will be getting call from Alberta Health Services.

AHS says five of those ten people only got saline in their immunization, not the actual Pfizer vaccine.

The issue was discovered during a routine audit at the end of the day on April 29 when an unused vial of vaccine was found.

Diluent is part of the final vaccine product and is administered as part of the shot. Manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccine provide vaccine and diluent in separate vials which are mixed together by the healthcare provider prior to administering the final vaccine product.

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Health officials say there are no anticipated health effects from administering just the saline water diluent but of course those people now have no protection against COVID-19.

While only five people got the saline solution, AHS says out of an abundance of caution, all ten people who were vaccinated during a specific period of time will get a repeat dose on or after the 21 day mark from their first dose.

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