OTTAWA, ON – You won’t be able to head over to the United States just yet.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the closure of the border between Canada and the U.S. has been extended by another thirty days.

Trudeau says the move is being made to protect health and limit the spread of COVID-19. Non-essential travel between the two countries remains restricted until at least June 21st.

The PM stated this week it would be a couple of more months yet before they’d consider opening the border again, noting Canada would need a vaccination rate of 75% of the population.

As of Thursday, May 20th that number is pushing 50% of all eligible Canadians having received at least one dose.

Some law makers in the U.S. though are pushing President Joe Biden to draft a plan to have travel between the two countries open again by July 4.

The border has had the restrictions in place since March of last year.