LETHBRIDGE, AB – If you get up early Wednesday morning (May 26), you could get a glimpse of a special pre-dawn lunar eclipse.

Southern Alberta is one of the best spots to view this celestial event, if the weather cooperates.

This eclipse is coined the “Super Flower Blood Moon”.

It’s a large moon which is currently close to earth on its current path and appears a little brighter and bigger than usual with a reddish glow. Flower is generally the name that is used for the month of May, so that’s how this full moon and eclipse gets the name.

The peak eclipse will take place around 5:15 am Alberta time Wednesday morning and finish about a half hour later after the moon sets in this area. If it’s clear or somewhat clear, you should get a view of the eclipse in its totality.

Lunar eclipses take place when the earth’s shadow covers all or part of the moon and can easily be viewed with the naked eye if clear.