Friday, September 30, 2022

Civic Election: You can vote at any polling station in Lethbridge Oct. 18

LETHBRIDGE, AB – Changes are being made to the way you can vote in Lethbridge’s fall municipal election.

Some new initiatives are in place, designed to increase voter turnout. One of those will give Lethbridge residents a chance to vote at any polling station across the city.

As has been the case with previous civic elections, you had to vote at the polling location in your neighbourhood. Now, voters can choose what voting station works best for them.

“This improvement will provide more options for voting with a focus on convenience, flexibility, and efficiency,” says City of Lethbridge Returning Officer, Bonnie Hilford. “We’re hoping to see an increase in voter turn out.

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Voter apathy has been a big concern here in Lethbridge when it comes to voting in municipal elections. Over the last five votes, going back nearly 20 years, voter turnout has been, on average only 31%.

Other new initiatives that the City of Lethbridge is planning include:

  • Drive-through voting, which would allow voting from a vehicle without leaving the vehicle
  • A web tool for monitoring lineups/wait time at each voting station
  • An information session for candidates running for Mayor or Councillor from a panel of retiring members of Council, to be recorded and posted to the website in July
  • Information videos from each candidate running for Mayor, Councillor and School Board Trustee (public and separate), recorded and posted on the website after the September 20 Nominations Day deadline
  • An accessible voting station for the blind during the Advance Vote

Anyone interested in running for Mayor, City Counncilor or School Board Trustee must have their nomination forms in by September 20, 2021 at 12 p.m.

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