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Afternoon Drive with Corlee Torok

Hey, I’m Corlee.

I’m also known as Miani’stsii Piiksaki in the Blackfoot community…high fives if you can pronounce it properly on the first try! Roughly translated it means ‘Wakes before the birds’…
I’m a pure Southern Alberta girl, born & raised. I like beef, beets and bonfires .
I never say no to a challenge & I’m way too competitive to ever “let” anyone win, little kids included. Don’t judge me.
If you can talk to me in movie quotes, know what COD & k/d are and have a survival pack nearby in the event of a zombie apocalypse…then we were probably meant to be friends.
You’ll likely find me striking out in Softball Valley, floating the Old Man or catching the latest live show wherever the music is.
Tune into Corlee weekdays from 2PM to 6PM