Thursday, December 7, 2023

Intense heatwave smashing long-standing records across Lethbridge region

LETHBRIDGE, AB – Heat records continue to be smashed all across southern Alberta during this historic heatwave.

Several communities across the south set new daytime highs yesterday for June 29th, beating old records which, in some cases, had had been locked in for years.

Lethbridge set a record again, this time at 36.4°C. That beat the previous record of 34.0°C set back in 1984.

Other places with new records on Tuesday include Taber, Bow Island, Pincher Creek, Waterton, Claresholm, Cardston, Milk River, and Calgary.

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And the forecast is showing Thursday and Friday will be the hottest days yet.

As hot as it is, this is nothing compared to our neighbours to the west. Lytton, BC once again set a new Canadian record on Tuesday with a mind-blowing 49.6°C!

June 29, 2021 Records For Southern Alberta

Lethbridge Area 
New record of 36.4 
Old record of 34.0 set in 1984

Bow Island Area 
New record of 36.0 
Old record of 32.2 set in 2008 

Calgary Area 
New record of 36.3 
Old record of 34.4 set in 1896 

Cardston Area 
New record of 35.0 
Old record of 34.4 set in 1937

Claresholm Area 
New record of 35.7 
Old record of 33.5 set in 2008 

Milk River Area 
New record of 34.7 
Old record of 33.6 set in 2015 

Taber Area 
New record of 36.3 
Old record of 33.7 set in 2008

Waterton Park Area 
New record of 33.4 
Old record of 30.7 set in 2008
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