Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Heatwave: Close watch being kept on Lethbridge’s homeless population

LETHBRIDGE, AB – It’s the city’s most vulnerable that are at highest risk during this unprecedented heatwave.

The Lethbridge Shelter is doing what it can to keep clients safe.

Shaundra Bruvall with Alpha House, the organization which operates the local shelter, says they’re trying to encourage those who are homeless to take a break from the heat.

“We are increasing our presence in the community around the shelter to bring folks inside,” says Bruvall. “For those who don’t want to come inside for whatever reason we are ensuring we have supplies available for them and that includes water and sunscreen. Really, just doing some welfare checks.”

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Bruvall says these extreme conditions can add a host of issues for folks who don’t have a cool place to stay. She notes this weather can be very dangerous, with the potential for all kinds of health-related issues.

“The population we serve is largely unhoused. It means they’re spending a significant amount of time outdoors, way more than you and I who maybe have air-conditioned homes of something like that. In extreme temperatures we know this puts people at greater risk of dehydration and heat stroke,” says Bruvall.

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