Weather Advisory for possible funnel clouds

File Photo. Photo of a funnel cloud taken near Barnwell in June 2020. Credit to stormchaser Braydon Morisseau on Twitter.
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LETHBRIDGE, AB – The storm potential for southern Alberta remains in place Thursday with a weather advisory issued by Environment Canada.

Conditions will be favourable for the development of funnel clouds today.

The advisory is in effect for Lethbridge, Taber, Milk River, Vulcan, Brooks, Medicine Hat, Bow Island, and Cypress Hills areas.

These types of funnel clouds are generated by weak rotation under rapidly growing clouds or weak thunderstorms. This weak rotation is normally not a danger near the ground. However, there is a chance that this rotation could intensify and become a weak landspout tornado.

Meanwhile a Tornado WATCH is in effect for southwest Saskatchewan with the potential for some nasty weather there.

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