Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Economy main topic as Premier Jason Kenney visits Lethbridge

LETHBRIDGE, AB – The Alberta economy was the main topic as Premier Jason Kenney spoke to a Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Wednesday.

Kenney was joined by Finance Minister Travis Toews during a noon hour visit at the Lethbridge Lodge.

The Premier says he’s heard a lot of optimism around here. “Lethbridge and region have been one of the stronger parts of Alberta’s economy in recent years. I think with a lot of new investment in the agriculture and agri-food businesses you’re going to see that growth continue. I’m just happy to see people upbeat and positive about the future. I think with good reason.”

Kenney told the Chamber that he believed Alberta was on the verge of a renaissance.

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The Premier spent the past couple of days touring the region. He was on the Blood Reserve Tuesday and while in Lethbridge made a stop at Sunrise Farms.

The Premier was greeted by a number of protestors who lined the sidewalk along Scenic Drive in front of the Lethbridge Lodge. They were hoping to get messages to Kenney that they have concerns about coal mining, nurses’ wages, education, and more.

The Premier was asked about that. He says he welcomes all points of view.

“This is a province with a very democratic spirit and I welcome people coming to demonstrate to share their views,” said Kenney. “But at the end of the day we were elected on a mandate to focus on jobs, the economy, pipelines, and a fair deal for Alberta and we’re pursuing that. I know some people don’t share those views and they can express that and they certainly will at the ballot box in the next election. We’re keeping our commitments. This government has implemented over 85% of our campaign commitments. We now, as we exit out of the worst of the pandemic and to focus on those things jobs, economy, pipelines.”

Protestors outside the Lethbridge Lodge on Wednesday.
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