Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Lethbridge school divisions revise mask-wearing protocols amid provincial measures

LETHBRIDGE, AB – Masks are making a comeback within the Holy Spirit School Division.

When school started last Wednesday, there was no masking requirement in place but that’s changing.

School officials say in light of the provincial measures which came into effect on Saturday, all staff and students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 must now wear masks inside.

The new rule takes effect Wednesday, Sept. 8.

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Masks will be required at all times expect during physical activity, eating (while seated), or when outside.

Superintendent Ken Sampson says since the original plan was put in place in August, active COVID case counts have more than doubled as the region experiences a surge in cases, hospitalizations and ICU admissions.

He says the division will “continue to work with AHS and Alberta Education to provide the best possible learning environment for all our children, students and staff.”

There are some minor changes coming to the public division as well.

The Lethbridge School Division says as of Thursday, Sept. 9, enhanced protocols will be in place.

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Students in elementary, middle and high school will be asked to wear a masks in classrooms when they are out of their assigned seating plan and engaged in close-contact activities.

At other times, wearing a mask in the classroom will be encouraged and supported but not required.

In middle school, students will continue to wear masks in the classroom when they are in mixed cohort groups such as option classes and high school students will be required to wear masks upon entering and exiting school, and in common gathering spaces inside the schools.

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