Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Goats back in Lethbridge parks to tackle invasive weeds

The goats are back in town!

After successfully clearing vegetation in Cottonwood Park last year, the City of Lethbridge has hired the same herd of local goats this summer, this time to tackle invasive weeds in Alexander Wilderness Park.

Robert Finck with Creekside Goat Company in Magrath says his goats are already working hard taking care of weeds like leafy spurge , wormwood, thistle, crested wheat grass and brome grasses.

Some of the goats will also be transported to Indian Battle Park to take care of invasive weeds in that area during weekdays.

The 500 goats are managed by a herder and dogs that are trained to move and protect the goats from predators.

Although the herd dogs are friendly towards people, residents are reminded to keep dogs out of the area and not to pet herd dogs while they are working.

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