Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Civic Vote: Six people vying for Lethbridge Mayor; 32 on list for City Councillor

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LETHBRIDGE, AB – There will be a lot of names on the ballot when Lethbridge residents go to the polls to choose a new mayor and city council next month.

The nomination period closed at noon Monday, Sept. 20 with 6 people vying for the mayor’s chair and 32 names on the list for City Council.

Among those are incumbent Councillors, Ryan Parker, Belinda Crowson, Mark Campbell, and Jeff Carlson all looking for another four year term.

Rob Miyashiro, Chris Spearman, Jeffery Coffman, and Joe Mauro are not running for re-election.

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One former mayor, however wants to get back into civic politics. Rajko Dodic has decided to run for a City Councillor position.

You can also see the full list here as well as contact information for the candidates.

Candidates have until noon Tuesday, September 21 to withdraw before the list becomes official.

Civic election day is October 18th.

Unofficial List, in alphabetical order, as of 12:00 pm September 20th


  • Sheldon Day Chief
  • Blaine Hyggen
  • Gary Klassen
  • Bridget Mearns
  • Kolton Menzak
  • Stephen Mogdan


  • Kelti Baird
  • Marissa Black
  • Mark Campbell
  • Jeff Carlson
  • Ben Christensen
  • Belinda Crowson
  • Rajko Dodic
  • Rufa Doria
  • Jerry Firth
  • Bill Ginther
  • Zachary Hampton
  • Dale Leier
  • Ryan Lepko
  • Darcy Logan
  • Shelby Macleod
  • Bernard Mbonihankuye
  • John Middleton-Hope
  • Nick Paladino
  • Ryan Parker
  • Harold Pereverseff
  • Michael Petrakis
  • Jennifer Prosser
  • Chris Rowley
  • Wally Schenk
  • Jenn Schmidt-Remple
  • Suketu Shah
  • Boyd Thomas
  • Tim Vanderbeek
  • Robin Walker
  • Bradley Whalen
  • Davey Wiggers
  • Ryan Wolfe
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