Friday, February 3, 2023

Lethbridge County allowing OHVs on rural roads

Lethbridge County has passed a bylaw, allowing off-highway vehicles to use county roads.

The bylaw was given third and final reading Thursday (July 4) morning.

County Reeve Lorne Hickey says this something that rural residents have been asking for, for a while. “In agriculture, especially during irrigation season, there is a lot of use of OHVs. It’s only a natural fit to be able to go to and from your field in one of those.”

Under the new bylaw, any person operating an OHV in Lethbridge County must be licenced and the vehicle itself has to be registered and insured.

An off-highway vehicle won’t be allowed to be operated a half-hour before sunrise or one half-hour after sunset and can’t go any faster than 50 km/h on county roads.  The bylaw does not allow for OHV use in hamlets or subdivisions either for safety reasons.

Hickey says other counties in southern Alberta have similar OHV bylaws.

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