Monday, January 30, 2023

Alberta Sheriffs shut down alleged Lethbridge drug house

The Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods unit of the Alberta Sheriffs has cordoned off a residence in Lethbridge believed to be at the centre of a high amount of drug-related activity.

The community safety order, obtained from the Court of Queen’s Bench, took effect on May 4th, and crews have since installed a fence around the property, boarded up the house, and changed the locks to prevent unauthorized access before then.

The investigation into the property began back in March, and after investigators allegedly witnessed several drug transactions and found drug paraphernalia strewn around the property, the court order was obtained.

Authorities say the house has been visited 33 times by Lethbridge Police Service members since 2019, including a 2020 incident that lead to the seizure of a small amount of fentanyl, along with drug paraphernalia and several pieces of stolen ID. The property was also subject to a similar SCAN closure in 2021 but was returned to the owner in August last year.

The property will remain closed off until at least August 2nd, 2022.

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