U.S. will start enforcing immigration operation this weekend; Standing workstations deemed hazardous and issued recall

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Program aimed at removing immigrants from U.S. set to begin

The U.S. will enforce an immigration operation this weekend targeting those living in the country illegally. The Associated Press says the program is aimed at removing people who have been issued final orders to leave the country. It will include families whose cases had been fast-tracked, much to the ire of immigrant activists.

4,000 standing desks recalled across country

A popular adjustable standing desk is being recalled throughout Canada. CTV News reports a total of 4,000 workstations are being withdrawn due to concerns they could hurt anyone using them. Health Canada says the desk is made in Michigan and sold under eight different brand names. There have been no injuries reported so far.

Those who drink beverages with more than 5% sugar daily at higher risk of cancer

A glass of surgery fluid a day could increase the chances of cancer. That is according to a study published in the British Medical Journal. The organization followed more than 100,000 people over a five-year span. It found those who drink anything with more than five per cent sugar every day are more likely to get cancer.

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