Friday, January 27, 2023

City of Lethbridge offering free blue & black cart size exchange

If Lethbridge residents think their new blue recycling cart or current black garbage bin is too big or too small, you have chance to exchange them for a different size.

The free cart exchange will run between July 12 and August 16th.

Most homes have the bigger 360 litre carts which typically hold 5 bags. The smaller 249 litre cart holds around 3 bags of garbage.

The City says Lethbridge residents have had a chance now to try out the new curbside recycling program and monitor their blue and black cart needs, so they’re giving people a chance to switch carts if they want.

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After August 16th, there will be a $100 fee for exchanging cart sizes.

After the request period closes, the new carts will be ordered and delivered to homes later this fall. The original cart will be removed from the property when the new cart is delivered.

Residents who are struggling to manage their waste on a bi-weekly garbage collection schedule, or who require more recycling space, can request a second blue or black cart for an additional monthly charge.

You can request a different size cart by calling 311 or go online at

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