Monday, January 30, 2023

Stephan Trial: Defence hammers away at medical examiner testimony

Testimony continuing Friday (July 12) from the medical examiner who completed the autopsy of David and Collet Stephan’s son, Ezekial.
Dr. Bamidele Adeagbo told the court that the goal of an autopsy is to find the “most likely” cause of death. He notes that all the factors, tests, symptoms and sequence of events leading up to the 19 month old’s death indicated bacterial meningitis.
However, defence lawyer Jason Demers pointed out that while meningitis may be the “most likely” cause of death, it is possible that Ezekial could have died from something else, a statement that Dr. Adeagbo agreed with.
Demers also telling the court Friday that Dr. Adeagbo’s testimony is moving along slower than expected and he may need an additional day to complete his questioning.
The re-trial is expected to take a break next week and resume on July 24th.
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