Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Committee seeks public input on proposed bike path between Lethbridge and Coaldale

A group looking to have a bike path built between Lethbridge and Coaldale is looking for public input on the idea. The Cor Van Raay Link Pathway has made slow progress in the seven years since the group started advocating for it, but with support from the City of Lethbridge, Coaldale and Lethbridge County, the idea is gaining traction.

The Link Pathway committee is asking residents in the region to visit its website, read about the project and submit feedback on it as it moves towards construction. The group said significant financial donations, including one from the late Cor Van Raay, have helped increase momentum for the project.

The committee has worked with the federal and provincial governments to gain access across publicly owned lands in the region and now has a route to present to the public that uses irrigation right-of-ways, county-owned land and government-owned land for almost its entire length.

“Finding and securing a final route for the project was the biggest obstacle,” said Henry Doeve, committee chair. “The Saint Mary’s Irrigation District has been staunchly supportive for the entire life of the project and we’ve used their right-of-ways extensively to find a workable route that respects the interests of people in the region to the greatest extent possible.”

He added for construction to start, Lethbridge County will have to review the whole project and approve it. 

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