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200+ angels get their wings after sizeable Angel Tree Toy donation

Emily and Alex Geerligs have once again donated around 200 toys to the Angel Tree Toy Depot. This is the second year the Geerligs’ have donated toys, with last year the first time, which were donated in memory of their daughter Madison who passed away. They weren’t sure if they wanted to do the toy donation again this year, but after being asked by friends, thought they should do it.

“It was a big success last year, and we weren’t sure we wanted to ask people to do it again, but we had some friends ask if you’re doing it, and we thought we better do it. And I think it’s even bigger than last year,” says Emily Geerligs.

Alex Geerligs says the community of Enchant and surrounding area were a big part of the donation this year, with a Fill the Net Campaign that happened a few Saturdays ago jump starting the toy donations.

“We’re in a tight community that we really are fortunate for that. So to be able to do something like this and to teach our own kids that life isn’t always as easy as the path that we’re on for other families. And that’s kind of the biggest thing for us to kind of teach the kids about this too and give in our daughter’s name,” says Alex Geerligs.

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The toy donation started as something the Geerligs weren’t able to do for their daughter Madison and it means the world to know that they can do it for all the kids who aren’t as fortunate.

For information on drop-off locations or to register, click here.

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