Wednesday, March 29, 2023

City of Lethbridge holding an open house on mandatory recycling and organics for businesses

The City of Lethbridge is relaunching its Mandatory Recycling and introducing Mandatory Organics for businesses and organizations.
These programs require any recyclable and organic materials generated by staff, contractors, and visitors businesses and organizations be diverted from landfills, and disposed of properly.
The City’s Waste and Recycling Utility department will be holding an open house on Tuesday, January 31st from 3 to 7 p.m. at City Hall that businesses are invited to join.
The city is home to over 2,900 businesses, institutions and private organizations. Whether small or large, family-owned or part of a national corporation, for-profit or a charitable organization, these businesses fall under the Mandatory Recycling and Organics provisions within the City’s Waste Bylaw 6146.
Around two-thirds to three-quarters of landfill waste each year is industrial, commercial, institutional, construction and demolition related according to a city waste audit.
Businesses who are unable to attend the open house on Tuesday can review the guide or contact their waste hauler for help setting up the program.
More information on the Mandatory Recycling and Organics program for businesses is on the city’s website.

What’s Recyclable and Organic in the Industrial, Commercial and Construction sector (City of Lethbridge)
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