A judge deciding Thursday (Aug. 1) that the Crown did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a Lethbridge man committed aggravated assault, therefore acquitting him of the charge.

Christopher Degeorgio, 27, who’s also facing charges in the same case, alleged in his testimony during a trial last week that he believed he was being followed by William Fick, 30, after an altercation on Dec. 10, 2018.

When he was stopped at a traffic light in downtown Lethbridge, Degeorgio noticed Fick behind him in a truck.  He grabbed a snowbrush, got out of his car and smashed a passenger side window as Fick drove by. Degeorgio says Fick then got out of his vehicle and stabbed him in the chest.

However, the trial judge noted in his verdict that he doesn’t consider Degeorgio to be a credible witness since he was using drugs at the time, he never saw a knife in Fick’s hand and there were no medical records presented about his stab wound.

He adds that Fick acted reasonably in self defence and acquitted him of aggravated assault.

Fick was convicted of breaching release conditions on Thursday (Aug. 1), though. He received a one-year jail sentence, but that was satisfied by the time he already served in pre-trial custody.