Monday, October 2, 2023

Increase in demand for the Interfaith Food Bank results in an increased need for volunteers

There are numerous opportunities to help the Interfaith Food Bank, with another added on Wednesday, September 20th.

On the 20th, proceeds from every Grand Slam ordered from the Lethbridge-based Denny’s will be put back into the foodbank as part of Denny’s Grand Slam Day.

Executive Director of the Interfaith Foodbank Society of Lethbridge, Danielle McIntyre, says the organization is grateful to the restaurant for their help in raising awareness of hunger in the community. She adds that foodbanks nationwide, not just in Lethbridge or southern Alberta, are seeing a record number of users because of factors like inflation.

The increase in demand means there is an increase in the need of support from the community, not just when it comes to donations but also when it comes to volunteers.

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“With the increase in demand, it means we need to be moving more food, faster, to more people, and that takes more bodies. So we are in a situation right now where we are really hoping as people are re-establishing their routines – that they might consider joining our team of volunteers.”

McIntyre adds volunteers are the organization’s lifeblood, as they do everything from sorting the donations to checking the expiry dates on cans and making sure they are not too dented.

“We also have volunteer opportunities to help our in our kitchens, and taking some of that leftover zucchini, shredding it and making muffins out of it later; and we also have opportunities for people to help out with special events, in our learning garden or in our thrift store, there is pre much a volunteer hand in everything we do.”

McIntyre says whatever support people can offer the food bank is appreciated, whether it be regularly volunteering, just coming out to volunteer on special occasions or with a group, making a donation or supporting initiatives like Denny’s Grande Slam Day. Denny’s Grande Slam Day will run from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, September 20th.

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