No timetable for autopsy results on bodies believed to be teens accused of B.C. murders; Canada’s ambassador to the U.S. is resigning

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It could be a while until bodies are confirmed as B.C. fugitives

It is still unknown when Autopsy results on bodies believed to be the two B.C. fugitives will go public. Experts said it all depends on the condition of the remains. This means it could be a while until we get confirmation they belong to Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod. The two teens were wanted in relation to three homicides in North B.C. The remains were found near the shoreline of the Nelson River in Manitoba, close to where RCMP discovered personal items linked to the two.

Kristen Hillman to replace McNaughton as ambassador to U.S.

Canada’s ambassador to the U.S. wants to pursue a private-sector career, so he is resigning. David MacNaughton said he is still willing to help the Liberal Party leading up to October’s election. He will officially leave the position he’s held since 2016 at the end of the month though. Kirsten Hillman will become Canada’s acting ambassador.

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Damage to land food is grown on reversible, according to NASA

Experts said humans need to stop a vicious cycle leading to more expensive, scarcer and less nutritious food. NASA said climate change is deteriorating the soil and the way people use the land is making global warming worse. Scientists added if people change the way they eat and grow foods, the damage is reversible.

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