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Petwise Minute: Christmas Tree & Holiday Hazards🎄🎀

The festive season is upon us! This week, we are going to talk about a few things to keep in mind and watch out for to make sure our wonderful pets stay happy & healthy over the holidays.

For some pets, the dazzling glimmer of a Christmas tree is very alluring and holds hazards as well. Many people must get inventive to pet-proof their home through the Christmas season.

Some, like Mike D, even flip to the upside-down Christmas tree to ensure his cats won’t face danger & lounge on its branches. (For the 98.1 blog – Some even flip to the upside-down Christmas tree to ensure their pets won’t face danger and lounge on its branches).

Some put up a gate or an x-pen around the tree.

I’ve seen pictures of people using giant present boxes as a blockade at the base of the tree to keep cats & canines away.

Some even just put a picture of a Christmas tree on the wall.

Needles on a Christmas tree can be dangerous if consumed, and tinsel can be very dangerous for pets if ingested as well.

Poinsettias are another stunning holiday favorite! They can be mildly toxic to dogs and cats if a small amount is consumed. They can be even more dangerous to birds and small animals, and should always be kept far away from pets.

Pet-specific activated charcoal is an excellent safety precaution to have on hand. This can help remove any toxic or harmful substance right away before it enters your pet’s bloodstream. Of course, always contact your vet immediately if your pet has ingested something that could be toxic.

Mistletoe, holly, ivy, and lilies are also toxic to pets, so be extra careful if you plan on bringing these plants home.

We also tend to have a lot of chocolate and yummy baking around the house that pets could get into. That definitely is not healthy and safe for our pets.

Another thing to consider is that some fumes from cooking, or a new air fryer or space heater, can be toxic to birds as well. There are some coatings used in these products that are very toxic to birds; Teflon can be especially dangerous.

Candles are something else that pairs well with the holidays. Burning or melting paraffin wax releases 11 known toxins into the air that are not healthy for our pets or for people.

Pet House makes my favorite soy-based, slow-burning candles that last for 65 hours. They are 100% pet-safe. We have holiday candles like evergreen forest, gingerbread cookie, or apple cider! They make the room smell Amazing & are 100% pet-safe, even for birds. We have these at Petland, and they are very popular!


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