Environment Lethbridge is encouraging residents to reduce food waste.

A new web site has been launched by the organization which gives people tools, tips, and strategies to not only cut back on food waste, but also save money.

Executive Director Kathleen Sheppard says we waste a lot of food and notes studies point that one out of every five groceries we buy end up in the garbage.

“Household food waste is an easy problem to solve,” says Sheppard. “Being well-organized when you buy and store your food is a big part of the solution.”

The new web site, which Environment Lethbridge will be showcasing around the city this fall, can be found at Wasteless.ca.

As an example, Sheppard notes the Wasteless web site suggests understanding best before dates, meal planning, and knowing how to store different food items are key ways to ensure the food you buy gets eaten. Food waste costs households money and has an environmental impact when it ends up in the landfill releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas.