Friday, January 27, 2023

City Council orders literature review on Lethbridge’s addiction rate

Lethbridge City Council will be going ahead to try and find out why so many people here are suffering from substances addictions.

The idea of a local addictions study was brought up a few weeks ago. However, on Monday (Sep. 16), Council decided to amend the concept a little bit, instead having a qualified researcher use existing data to develop a discussion paper to help drill down into the root causes of addiction.

This literature review will have provincial data as well as some specific to southern Alberta. According to City Manager Bram Strain, this type of research is a good idea.

“Because we’re talking about specific to the city. What are the issues around addiction in this city, why do we have a higher usage of the site than most other places, etc? So, it’s really about us specifically, and then using that to fuel our advocacy to both the provincial and federal governments to get resources that we need to help us fight.”

Strain will have a report back to Council by the end of next March.

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