Lethbridge Police have charged one person with aggravated assault after a man’s finger was nearly cut off during an incident in a south side alley.

It happened last weekend when officers were called to Chinook Regional Hospital to investigate an assault.

LPS say a 25 year old man, who is unfamiliar with the city, was lost while walking through an alley on 2nd Avenue South on Friday evening (Sept, 13) when he saw a man hit a woman. He apparently yelled at that person to stop and was then punched in the face.

Police allege the suspect then pulled a knife, cut the victim’s hand, almost severing his finger.

23 year old Cody Levi Long Time Squirrel was arrested on Tuesday this week (Sept. 17) on a street corner downtown is also facing charges of breaching conditions. He remains in jail awaiting a release hearing.

Police say during a search as part of the arrest, the suspect was found in possession of a lock picking kit, hatchet and prescription medication in someone else’s name.

Police say the victim’s injury is bad enough that it requires surgery to repair the damage.