Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Singh told to “cut off his turban” during campaign stop; Liberals spend more on Facebook ads than other parties

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Singh told to cut off his turban to look more Canadian

“I think Canadians look like all kinds of people and that’s the beauty of Canada” is how NDP leader Jagmeet Singh replied to a man who told him to cut off his turban in Montreal today. Singh, the leader of the Bloc Quebecois, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will square off in the French language leader’s debate tonight. Green Party leader Elizabeth May was not invited.

Liberals spending more than any party on Facebook ads

It appears the Liberals are banking on social media ads to win the federal election. Data from a new online tool developed by New York University’s Engineering School shows since the writ was dropped the Liberals have spent just over $175,000 on the platform compared to the Conservatives at $126,000.  The NDP spent much less at just over $45,000 with the Green Party spending less than $20,000.

War memorial unveiled in France

A memorial to Canadian World War One veterans who fought in a little known battle in France has been unveiled.  The victory at Hill 70 may not be as well known as Vimy Ridge but according to historians it had a significant impact on the War. Over 9,000 Canadians died during the battle.

Brexit deal sent to EU

A take it or leave it Brexit deal has been sent to the European Union by the UK.  The last minute deal proposes an open border with the United Kingdom’s Northern Ireland and the EU’s member Ireland.  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the EU hold “rapid negotiations toward a solution.”

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