Friday, January 27, 2023

Fall sitting of Alberta legislature wraps up

Alberta’s UCP government touting its accomplishments as the fall sitting of the legislature wrapped up Thursday (Dec. 5).

Government House Leader Jason Nixon held court with the media to discuss this session.

Nixon says the last eight weeks saw new legislation to cut red tape, restore balance and fairness to workplace laws for Alberta’s farms and ranches, and put the costs of reducing emissions on large industrial emitters instead of families.

In total, 16 government bills were passed.

“We’re moving at full tilt to implement a robust legislative agenda on behalf of Albertans, taking action on the economy, environmental protection, public lands, rural crime, and many other issues. I’m pleased to note that we passed a remarkable 16 government bills over the fall sitting and we continue to push hard to fulfill our ambitious blueprint for change,” says Nixon.

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The NDP opposition though says Premier Jason Kenney has abandoned his campaign promises of “jobs, economy, pipelines,” and replaced it with an agenda of cuts, lies, and corruption.

New Democrat House Leader Deron Bilous says the economy is in trouble and it’s Jason Kenney’s fault. “He did nothing to move Trans Mountain forward, although he will claim he did. His policies have failed to create jobs. To make matters much, much worse he’s slashed vital public services to pay for his $4.7-billion no-jobs corporate handout.”

Bilous says Albertans have been handed a budget full of brutal cuts, including several that Kenney specifically promised, in writing, he wouldn’t make.

Premier Jason Kenney meanwhile, notes his government is only 12% of the way into its four year mandate and has already delivered on 43% of its commitments. “We scrapped the carbon tax. We passed the Job Creation Tax Cut. We are cutting red tape and unnecessary regulations. We created the Indigenous Opportunities Corporation to ensure our First People are real partners in prosperity. Promises made, promises kept. We are just getting started, and we won’t stop until Alberta is once again the engine of prosperity in Canada.”

The UCP government notes since taking office, government has met 162 of its commitments to Albertans.

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